Implementing an effective e-learning strategy requires more than just posting course content to the web or importing old PowerPoint slides into a new digital authoring tool. Professional e-learning instructional designers know how to deliver information in digital formats that can motivate learners, improve their skills and change their behaviors. This two-course certificate program gives you the knowledge and ability to develop sophisticated e-learning systems that will produce positive learning outcomes.

Master Key Concepts

  • Analyze learning gaps and instructional needs that can be met through e-learning
  • Utilize adult learning concepts to design meaningful, motivating content
  • Develop learning objectives, match them to instructional approaches and design strategies to measure outcomes
  • Use interactions and scenario-based learning to sustain engagement
  • Select effective design and delivery methods to match emerging needs and changes in technology
  • Manage challenges around implementing new training programs
  • Apply quantitative and qualitative assessment methods

Apply Your Knowledge

In the second course, you’ll design and develop your own working e-learning module, which you can add to your professional portfolio.



Ronnie Ashline

Course 1: Fundamentals of E-Learning Design and Development

This course covers the fundamental principles of adult learning as they relate to the design and development of online learning content. We’ll explore how to craft clear learning objectives and develop measurement strategies that demonstrate the achievement of learning outcomes.

Course 2: Learning & Instructional Design Practicum

In this practicum course, you’ll have the opportunity to apply the instructional design knowledge and skills acquired in the previous course to plan, design, develop and evaluate your own e-learning module