Academically Gifted Certification Program

Teachers who work with academically gifted students have a life-long passion for learning. At the University of New Orleans, we understand the unique skills required to serve this population. The Academically Gifted Certification Program offers teachers the opportunity to complete state approved courses required for add-on certification in Academically Gifted, or earn a Masters in Education with this concentration. 

Learn Online

This certification program is taught online, allowing you to complete your certification on your schedule. Our online courses are asynchronous, so you can choose when and where each week you engage with the coursework. All of our online courses are taught by UNO faculty members.

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Two Paths to Academically Gifted Certification

There are two paths to Academically Gifted Certification: (1) add on or (2) M.Ed.

The Add-on Certification is Right for You if:

  • You already have a Master’s degree
  • Are certified to teach in Louisiana
  • Have some experience with academically gifted students
  • Need a flexible schedule to fit into your busy life
  • Want to work at your own pace
  • Want the flexibility of an online certification

The M.Ed. with a Concentration in Academically Gifted is Right for you if:

  • You want to earn a Master’s degree and add-on certification in Academically Gifted simultaneously
  • Are certified to teach in Louisiana
  • Have limited experience with academically gifted students
  • Want the flexibility of an online Master’s degree and certification in Academically Gifted

Have Questions?

Paul Bole, Ph.D.
Professor and Graduate Coordinator


UNO Courses that Align with State Requirements

LA Department of Education Requirements UNO Equivalent course 
Characteristics/Study of Gifted Individuals EDSP 5510 Introduction to the Gifted and Talented (offered Fall semesters)
Methods of Teaching the Gifted EDSP 6540 Educational Strategies for the Gifted and Talented (offered Spring semesters)
Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted EDSP 6510 Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted (offered Spring semesters)
Creativity and Problem Solving OR Curriculum Development EDSP 6530 Creativity and Problem Solving
(offered Summer semesters)
Educational Technology EDSP 6964 Education Technology
(offered Summer semester only)
Practicum, Internship, or three years of successful teaching in academically gifted EDSP 6950 Practicum or
EDSP 6963 Internship (can be arranged for Fall and Spring semesters only)

Click here for a full list of add-on certifications

Important Information

  • To be eligible for the State to issue an add-on certification in Academically Gifted, endorsement seekers must hold (1) a regular full Louisiana teacher certification AND (2) a master’s degree
  • Practicum placements require candidates to work with gifted students
  • The Louisiana Department of Education issues endorsement upon receipt of all required materials submitted by the student. This includes any required PRAXIS examination scores and transcript(s) of the above required course work that meets the Louisiana requirements for that add-on certification/endorsement area. More information from the State Department of Education can be found here.
  • Courses listed above may not be applicable to other degree programs (e.g. the Master’s of Arts in Teaching)